since i don’t know why wordpress doesn’t accept embedded video, here’s the link to the talk.


Design for Life


I stumble upon this TV show by BBC, which documents several students trying to get a 6 months work opportunity with Philip Starck. It’s interesting to see what this guy told them to do totally contradicts what he has done before…

There’re in total 6 episodes of them.

about attention


a lecture from MIT Introduction to Psychology course. Itunes needed.

interesting stuff.



I’ve been trying to find a system that could help me manage the big amount of info I go through everyday ( todo, blog articles, pictures, random thoughts…), and so far the best tool I found is evernote. It’s a free note taking app.

What I like about it:

1, cloud. everything you note down could be synced to the cloud. of course you can create local notebooks as well.

2, integrate into popular browsers. It has plugin for safari and firefox. You can select the text you wanna take note, and click a button. The selected text and the URL would be saved. For pictures, you can just right click. For IE, opera or chrome, you can add a “bookmarklet” to your bookmark bar.

3, cross platform. It can be reached from mac, pc, iphone, blackberry, or web browser.

4, sharing. It’s a tad easier to publish stuff than wordpress. the drawback is, you can’t have other people modify your notes unless you buy the premium account…

Since google has stopped supporting google notebook, this is the best alternative I’ve found. I’ll start using it for note taking, including this project. Here’s the address of my notebook: